What Drives us

Changing lives is what drives us. We believe that children should be empowered to achieve their full potential in life regardless.


Enable children adults with disabilities to be self-sufficient and integrated into society ratio setting


Working to represent the physically challenged people in Nigeria. Empowering and make life meaningful for the children adults with disabilities and physically challenged in Africa(Nigeria).


Focus on Disability foundation is committed to enhancing the quality of life and also gives people with disabilities real choice about how they live their lives

One on One with the CEO

There are 22 million (or more) people who are disabled in Nigeria. In correlation to what Jacqueline mentioned in her article, he also agreed that “…disability is the most neglected dimension of equal rights in Nigeria. It is very common in Africa to see disabled people begging by the roadside, they are begging for money but the government is not doing much.. The Nigerian government have failed disabled people in Nigeria. I can say it, they have really failed them and something needs to be done.”

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